Our Passion

We have an immense passion to produce the fine frozen desert which should be healthier and lighter in calorie to compare with existed products. Our new frozen deserts will bring all age of customers a peaceful moment.

Product Concept

We joined two merits together in one.
Gelato is a wonderful creation born in Italy.
It has a perfect balance of air, fat, and natural flavors that achieve a rich
and a silky smooth texture, but over all it tastes very refreshing.
Premium Ice Cream has a very rich milky taste and it brings
you a satisfaction of deep flavored frozen dessert. However, it tends to be higher in calorie. But because of its dense and rich texture, it has always been supported among world wide ice cream lovers.

Mrs. Freeze has succeeded to bring the two delicious factors brought in both gelato and American styled ice cream together in one.
We deliver a sweet, rich, and milky complex, but have managed to keep it low carb, low fat, and low calorie. In other words, our ice cream is kind to your health.
Please try our products and taste the difference!


In 2005, we submitted 5 different flavors (Original milk, Cookies & Cream,
Apple Cinnamon, Rare-Cheesecake, Toasted-Almond) to the LA County Fair
Dairy Products Competition in Los Angeles, California. Our products won gold medals on all five entries.

In 2015, we submitted our “Original Frozen Yogurt” to BISHOKU-JYOSHI (美食女子) sponsored by FOODEX JAPAN EXPO and are proud to say our products have won gold medal once again. We thank you very much. We will keep up our hard work and keep creating exciting and entertaining new frozen desserts for our loyal customers.

Business Opportunity

We are able to provide our products for different format, such as ready made cups or 2~4ltr bulk pack. We also able to arrange OEM production or licensing our products with flavors to over sea customers.

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